As a professional fishing guide, we have been catering countless fishing trips for our clients in the Netherlands river system. From the Eiland van Maurik, with Rhine and Lek in the east, to the Biesbosch National Park in the  center and the lakes Hollands Diep and Haringvliet in the west: We know where to find the pike, zander, perch and also catfish and asp. From our Orka Blackfish 500 Competition fishing boat, we provide value to our growing number of guests in knowledge, didactic skills and a luxury experience. No one-size-fits-all approach, but a custom designed experience for every guest, adapted to the season, circumstances and fish behavior at the given moment. We do our homework thoroughly, so you have the best chance to catch the fish of a lifetime. To host our international guests, we are fluent in Dutch, English, German and Danish. Furthermore we master French and Italian on a more basic level.


Our guiding boat

We provide our services from one of the most capable and hightech fishing boats in the Netherlands: The Orka Blackfish 500 Competition. This wonderful Dutch product is famous for it’s sailing- and drifting capacities, and offers plenty of inboard space for casting and even flyfishing. The Orka is propelled by a 60 BHP four-stroke outboard engine, which is silent, powerful and reliable under all conditions. Ultimately propelled. For comfort during bumpy rides, it is equipped with four luxury, gas-sprung seats on strategic positions in the boat, which are flexibly repositionable due to multiple seatbases around the boat. Ultimately equipped. Electrical propulsion is provided by the latest Minn-Kota Ulterra robotic trolling motor, steered by GPS, and deployed and stowed automatically from the steering console: ultimately controlled. To locate and identify fish, we use the famous Garmin LiveScope sonar system. This ultramodern 3D imaging provides live and realtime information about the presence of prey fish and predator fish, identifies the species of predator fish and even a global estimation of the actual size of the target fish. The flexible transducer arm makes it possible to quickly locate and target fish 360 degrees around the boat. Ultimately targeted.

Our catches

Above just a very small and random selection of the catches from our guests over the years. Countless meter+ pikes, 90+ zander and 50+ perch have been temporarely visiting the inside of our boat, providing the guests with the catch of a lifetime. On every water, in every season. Ultimately capable. We have the newest rods, reels and lures on board, free to use for our guests, and have thermal insulated flotation suits for in the colder months. Ultimately equipped. To maximize results in the future, we use data analytics and logging technologies as the only guiding company in the Netherlands, all automated and clear. Ultimately informed. Come and experience the best fishing the Netherlands have to offer yourself, and get overwhelmed in luxury and excellence.

Our reviews

Johan is an excellent guide! He knows all the spots and he will grind till the very end in search for big catches. The boat is fully equipped and comfortable and in case you do not want to use your own gear Johan will provide you with high quality rods, reels and lures. The Biesbosch is a great place to spend a day in, you can catch large pike, zander, perch and even asp, the area is also the habitat of some great wildlife which you could spot sometimes. Fishing with Johan is like fishing with a mate who knows a lot about fishing and the area. If you are looking for a great fishing experience, and having some fun and excitement Johan is certainly your guide!
Amir Alan Maboulgat
Visited us multiple times, caught all species
I had a goal this year, catch a catfish in the Netherlands.. Johan and I know each other for a bit via social medias and we finally got together fishing on the Waal. Johan have the watercraft and will put you on the fish, without doubts. We had a tough day, extremely tough day. The entertainment was there we have seen many cats going up to our baits but not going for it but still, no fish on the boat. Johan then pulled out a hat trick and I could get a fish on the boat. I would surely recommend Johan as a guide. He just gets the job done in all the simplicity and fun you would expect. Keep the great guiding up Johan!!
Arnaud Maye
Finally caught his first Dutch catfish
At almost the last day of the year I booked a day at fish guide Johan Struwe. And though it was very very cold, I survived while Johan has thermo suits available free of charge. I tried several rods that day an caught some real nice Zanders.
Denny van Wee
Many times visitor and ambassador

What we tell about ourself has little to none value. What our clients say about us is a lot more important! Above a small selection of reviews we collected lately. Also have a look for our Google and Facebook reviews (Visgids Biesbosch). Feeling ready to pay us a visit on board of the most hightech fishing boat in the Netherlands, in the most beautiful nature our country has to offer and always a chance of the catch of a lifetime? Contact us today!