A flying start!

Banging into a new season!

As the waiting finally has ended after two long months of closed season, the outlook of a brand new season on the water fills me with joy! The off-season, combined with the weird corona times got me a bit nervous and unstable. 

But like said, all this has ended now, and fortunately many people feel the urge to get into the great outdoors, resulting in many bookings for the time to come. And I am excited about it! Not only did two months of forced inactivity take it’s toll on my fundings, but as a person, I just feel at my best when I’m on the water. It’s my ideal habitat, and when forced to stay on dry land, I feel absolutely miserable..

It shows in practice that climate change is a fact, since the season-openings seem more difficult for each consecutive year now. In the olden days, fishing in June was so easy! Just hit the shallows with small lures, and expect everything. Pike, zander and perch were all still hanging out on the mating spots, and results were great after two months of pause in targeting them!

Now it seems like that fertile period has come forward, resulting in lots of small baitfish everywhere, providing abundant food sources for the predators, thus making them picky and finicky. Of course we still found the right tactics to seduce them, but the time of two weeks of unlimited catches is behind us forever, I’m afraid..

In spite of these changing circumstances, the catches have still been good the first guiding days, with a 73 centimeter asp as the first catch in the new boat. And already dozens of different predators (and one enormous bream!) followed.

A dream that came true

The waiting for the new boat was a real torture, with a lot of delay in getting the insurance and registration done! Of course I understand that staff on site is low during corona times, but this resulted in a true spiritual exercise being patient for things that needed to get done before hitting the water!

But it was worth the waiting!

The Orka Blackfish is a dream, not only answering, but even exceeding expectations! And those expectations were high, because we bought the boat “blind” without test driving it. The stories and reviews of fellow-“Orkanists” were convincing enough to choose this beautiful ship.

In practice, this boat stands out for its stability at high speeds, the quick planing and the handling when driving it full throttle. Thijs and Cees did a hell of a job building it, and I truly believe this wonderful boat will serve for many years of guiding under even the hardest circumstances!

Would you like to experience these unique fishing boats yourself? Then block the 5th of September in your agenda, because it’s the Orka Testdrive Day again at the Eiland van Maurik! Our guiding boat, together with all other models from this manufacturer will be available to testing them in practice. From the Whale 475 to the Blackfish 560; the wheel is in your hands! And since our guiding boat is equipped with the ultra-comfortable Minn-Kota Ulterra and the amazing Garmin LiveScope with Perspective Mode for 3D imaging, it’s also a glimpse into the future, because the future is now!

Claim you seat at www.orkaboten.nl

Have a great weekend and tight lines!

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