As i type this first blog on this international new website, we are at the brink of yet another predator fishing season here in the Netherlands. And am I looking forward!

A couple of weeks ago I launched this specific website to give some more international publicity to the unlimited possibilities that our country has to offer for fanatic anglers. I truly believe that our estuarium of Rhine and Meuse, which spreads all over our country is one of the blue ribbon fishing locations of Europe and beyond. Due to the richness of this delta, food sources are abundant, resulting in a rich population of prey and predator. Pike, zander and perch grow to enormous sizes here, and the addition of the relatively new target species asp and wels catfish brings even more possibilities to the equation, as they come by regularly when we fish for the first three species.

Another unique asset is the proximity of very different types of water here in Holland. For example: When we go fishing at our first rendezvous point; Eiland van Maurik (Island of Maurik), we start at a lake, continue at a river (the Rhine) and end at a canal (Amsterdam-Rhine channel). All three waters have their specific methods of fishing (casting at the lake, trolling at the river and vertical jigging at the canal). A lot of variation that definitely adds to the experience!

And that actually goes for the whole country. From Biesbosch to Volkerak, from Veluwemeer to Frisian Lake District. Variation is key, and a specimen fish is always just around the corner. And to connect the dots between excellent fishing and a luxury experience, we built our service three years ago to provide you with the endless possibilities that fishing in Holland has to offer. How about a hypermodern tournament boat, equipped with the latest technology in sonar and electric propulsion? Brand new rods, reels and lures from A-brand Quantum Fishing?

Beside the excellent waters and hightech materials, we have everything you need available at a high-end level: We work with first class hotels, B&B’s and holiday cabins. We know the good restaurants in our area, and would love to fully accommodate your fishing holiday in the Netherlands!

As a brand new season finally starts tomorrow, we are looking forward to meet you, and to show you the sheer unlimited possibilities that Holland has to offer the fanatic angler in all seasons. Winter, spring, summer or fall, lets catch them all!

Welcome on board!